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Syracuse Football 2012: Orange Release Post-Spring Game Depth Chart

As promised, the Syracuse Orange football program release its post-Spring Game depth chart just about two weeks after the exhibition contest which featured Team Anselmo downing Team Moore 9-0. Despite some key injuries to some of last year's starters, there wasn't many surprises to the depth chart. (Last year's starters are listed in bold.)

WR1 Jeremiah Kobena (Soph.) Keenan Hale (Soph..) Alec Lemon (Sr., injured)

Macauley Hill (Soph., injured)

Kyle Foster (Soph., injured)
LT Kristofer Curtis (Soph.)
Justin Pugh (Sr., injured)
LG Zack Chibane (Sr.) Nick Robinson (Soph.)
C Macky MacPherson (Jr.) Andrew Phillips (Sr.)
RG Ivan Foy (Soph.) Jesse Wolf-Gould (Soph.) Rob Trudo (Soph., injured)
RT Lou Alexander (Sr.) Daniel Anyaegbunam (Jr.) Sean Hickey (Jr. injured)
TE1 Beckett Wales (Jr.)
Lou Addazio (So., injured)
WR2 Marcus Sales (R-Sr.) Adrian Flemming (Jr.) Jarrod West (Jr., injured)
QB Ryan Nassib (R-Sr.) Charley Loeb (Sr.) John Kinder (Jr., injured)

Terrell Hunt (So.)
H 45 Jerome Smith (Jr.) Prince-Tyson Gulley (Jr.) Ashton Broyld (Fr.)

Steven Rene (Jr.)

Adonis Ameen-Moore (So. injured)

Greg Tobias (So., injured)
FB Clay Cleveland (Jr.) Myles Davis (Fr.) Travon Burke (So.)

Mitchell Piasecki (So.)
TE2 David Stevens (R-Sr.) Max Beaulieu (Jr.) Carl Cutler (R-Sr., injured)

DE Donnie Simmons (So.) Deon Goggins (R-Sr.)
NT Cory Boatman (R-Sr.) Eric Crume (So.)
DT Jay Bromley (Jr.) Ryan Sloan (So.) Lucas Albrecht (So.)
DE Brandon Sharpe (Sr.) Robert Welsh (Jr.) Micah Robinson (Jr., injured)
WLB Dyshawn Davis (So.) OR Cameron Lynch (So.) Dom Anene (Sr.)

Zach McCarrell (Jr.)
MLB Siriki Diabate (Sr.) Lewellyn Coker (Jr.) Femi Allyu (Jr.)

Marquis Spruill (So., injured)
SLB Dan Vaughan (Sr.) Dom Anene (Sr.) OR Oliver Vigille (So.)
H CB Ri’Shard Anderson (Sr.) Jaston George (So.)
FS Jeremi Wilkes (Jr.) Durell Eskridge (So.) OR 15 Shu Mungwa (So.)
SS Shamarko Thomas (Sr.) Ritchy Desir (So.) OR 15 Shu Mungwa (So.)
CB Brandon Reddish (So.) Joe Nassib (Jr.) 43 Franklin Santos

8 Keon Lyn (Jr., injured)

FG/PAT Ross Krautman (Jr.) Ryan Lichtenstein (Sr.)
P Jonathan Fisher (So.) Riley Dixon (So.)

KOR Jeremiah Kobena (So.) Brandon Reddish (So.)
PR Steven Rene (Jr.) Ritchy Desir (So.) Brandon Reddish (So.)
LS Sam Rodgers (So.) Eric Morris (Sr.)
SS Eric Morris (Sr.)

Holder Charley Loeb (Jr.) Jonathan Fisher (So.)

Here's a few quick thoughts about the depth chart that I like:

  • Understanding that senior wide receiver Alec Lemon is injured, its nice to Jeremiah Kobena in the No. 2 role on the depth chart. Now, if healthy, Lemon, who had 68 receptions last season, will be the opening-day No. 2 wide out, however, Kobena is more athletic and a play-maker that can get the ball into the end zone. Pair him with No. 1 wide receiver Marcus Sales, and there could be some fireworks in the SU passing-offense come next fall.
  • The deepest position seems to be linebacker, as sophomores Dyshawn Davis and Cam Lynch are possible future All-Conference players (well, if the Orange continued to play in the Big East Conference), while Siriki Diabate and Dan Vaughan add solid leadership. And, that's leaving out sophomore Marquis Spruil, who had the fourth-most tackles on the team last season.
  • Freshman Ashton Broyld, who's probably Syracuse's best athlete, isn't listed as a quarterback, a position in played most of his career, instead, he's the third-string running back behind Jerome Smith and Prince-Tyson Gulley, respectively. However, it's expected that Broyld is going to be the future starting quarterback, but head coach Doug Marrone is trying to find a way to get him on the field this season.
  • Sophomore Brandon Reddish earned the No. 2 corner back spot thanks to senior Keon Lyn being not listed because of an injury. With that said, it would not be shocking if Reddish eventually find himself in the starting lineup, as he had a terrific Spring practice and game, and he could be one of the best additions this season.
  • The defensive line looks solid as there are a lot of familiar names there. Both Brandon Sharpe and Jay Bromley had a good performance in the Spring Game, and seemed confident in the post-game presser they both are ready to create some havoc for opposing quarterbacks. Of course, everyone will need to step-up as the line lost first-round NFL Draft pick Chandler Jones.

For more on the Syracuse football depth chart, make sure to check out the breakdown the the SB Nation blog Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician did.