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Syracuse Football Spring Game, Halftime Score: Team Anselmo 9, Team Moore 0

A safety and fumble recovery turned defensive touchdown, both setup by junior defensive tackle Jay Bromley and senior defensive end Brandon Sharpe, has helped Team Anselmo take a 9-0 halftime lead over Team Moore in the Syracuse Orange Spring football game at the Carrier Dome.

Bromley recorded a sack in the endzone on quarterback Charley Loeb to give the squad led by assistant head coach John Anselmo a 2-0, first-quarter lead. Then, in the second quarter Bromley sacked and stripped quarterback John Kinder, which led to a fumble recovery and a touchdown by Sharpe.

Offensively, both squads have really struggled. Syracuse's starting quarterback Ryan Nassib has led just one drive inside the opponent's territory, however, the drive stalled around midfield.

There has been a lot of penalties on both sides of the balls, which has led to both squad not getting into a lot of rhythm.

As for "prized" recruit Ashton Broyld, he's carried the ball a few times out of the backfield for short gains -- one of them brought back because of penalties -- and dropped a swing pass out of the backfield.

Anselmo's running back Prince-Tyson Gulley has shown a few good bursts of play-making ability, but has yet to bust a long run. None of the wide receivers or tight ends has stood out yet.

For more on Syracuse's Spring Football Game, check back to this SB Nation New York StoryStream, as our Jared Smith will be providing updates from the Carrier Dome.