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Syracuse Basketball Drug Investigation: Scandal Hits SU Again, Per Yahoo! Report

Syracuse reportedly violated its own drug policy, allowing players who failed drug tests to continue playing.

For the second time this season, the Syracuse Orange men's basketball program is awash in scandal.

Syracuse was the target of a three-month Yahoo! Sports investigation which found that the university glossed over several positive drug tests and allowed players who should have been ineligible to participate in games.

Yahoo! reports that at least 10 Syracuse players have tested positive for banned substances since 2001, and that all 10 of those players were allowed to compete during practices and games when they should not have been allowed to do so.

One source told Yahoo! that at least one former player has been contacted by the NCAA about the school's drug testing policy, perhaps a sign that the NCAA has begun its own investigation into the Orange's hoops program. There is no uniform drug policy for the NCAA, and universities are not required to have their own drug-testing policy. But if universities do create drug-testing policies and fail to uphold them, which Yahoo! reports Syracuse did, the NCAA can crack down.

If the NCAA does investigate the allegations and reveals similar findings to Yahoo!'s investigation, Syracuse's 2003 national championship could be tarnished.

Head coach Jim Boeheim denied any knowledge of wrongdoing.