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Chandler Jones 2012 NFL Draft Update: Draft Tek Has Jones Going In Fourth Round

Where Syracuse University defensive end Chandler Jones will be taken in the 2012 NFL Draft promises to be interesting. Mock drafts have placed him all over the board.

In its most recent draft simulation, Draft Tek has Jones going to the Arizona Cardinals in the fourth round, 111th overall. Interestingly, Draft Tek shows the Cardinals taking the 6-foot-5, 266-pound Jones as a 3-4 outside linebacker.

That would seem like a stretch for Jones, who played as a 4-3 defensive end at Syracuse. Jones reportedly drew some attention from the New York Giants at the SU Pro Day.

This version of Draft Tek’s mock has Syracuse safety Phillip Thomas going undrafted. In its last simulation Thomas went to the Tennessee Titans in the fifth round.

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