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Big East Football: SB Nation Releases 2011-'12 Preview

On Monday, our friends at SB Nation and its Big East conference blog, Big East Coast Bias, released its 2011-12 football preview. Inside the preview is SB Nation's Big East Preseason Rankings, a Preseason All-Big East Team, a list of the conference's biggest regular season games and a brief look at each program's strength and weaknesses.

Here's a look at what the preseason preview says about the Syracuse football program, which was picked to finish fifth out of eight teams by the SB Nation bloggers:

Strengths: the Orange are set at safety and on the defensive line. Chandler Jones is one of the Big East's best defensive linemen and not limited to just being a pass rusher. Weakness: you have to be concerned for the linebacker position as the Orange try to replace Derrell Smith and Doug Hogue.

Here's what it says about Rutgers, which was predicted to finish seventh overall:

Strengths: wide receiver is loaded with talents Mohammed Sanu and Mark Harrison. Both will see increased production now that the quarterback position is settled and the offense will allow them to solely play receiver. Weakness: both lines of scrimmage are question marks. The offensive line gave up over 60 sacks in 2010 and it remains to be seen if they're up to the transition to a pro-style offense. The defensive line is relying in some converted players changes positions and growing into their spots in the line and could be rough early on.

Syracuse's tight end Nick Provo, offensive linemen Justin Pugh, kicker Ross Krautman and defensive end Chandler Jones were each selected to the SB Nation Preseason All-Big East Team, while not one Rutgers player earned a spot on the squad.

For a better look at the Big East Conference and its upcoming football season, check out SB Nation's Big East Coast Bias. Also, be sure to check back to SB Nation New York sometime in the upcoming weeks for a full team-by-team preview of the Big East.