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Syracuse Spring Game First Quarter Score: Blue 7, White 0 (Live Blog)

The first quarter of the Syracuse football Spring game showcased a few big plays on both inner-squad teams, but the Blue team has earned a 7-0 advantage at the Carrier Dome. The Blue team's senior cornerback Kevyn Scott tallied the game's lone touchdown by jumping a screen thrown from the White team's quarterback Ryan Nassib and took it 33 yards to help Blue take an early 7-0 advantage.

On its next possession, the White team used a 39-yard pass play from Nassib to junior wide receiver Alec Lemon to move deep into Blue's territory. However, the drive stalled after two false start penalties and a missed field goal by kicker Ryan Lichtenstein (It most be noted that there's no defense on field goal attempts).

So far, its been an very up-and-down showcase for SU, which has already committed numerous penalties and ran a busted play. However, there are a lot of big hits that led to some "oooooohhhhh" from fans. Blue will start the second quarter at midfield.

(Click here for a brief preview of the Spring game and a rundown of the rosters.)