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New Meadowlands Stadium Deal A Coup For Syracuse Football Program

The announcement on Thursday that Syracuse University has reached an agreement to play 10 regular-season home football games at the New Meadowlands Stadium from 2019 to 2038 in unquestionably a coup for the university.

Syracuse bills itself as 'New York's college team' and with Doug Marrone as head coach the Orange have placed renewed emphasis on trying to recruit the top prospects in the New York City-New Jersey area.

"Syracuse University appreciates the opportunity to play at the New Meadowlands Stadium, a first-class facility that also happens to be home to many of our most loyal fans," athletic director Dr. Daryl Gross said. "Our alumni base in the New York metropolitan area is strong. Just as our fans have followed the basketball team for many years at Madison Square Garden, we expect the same dominant orange crowd support for New York’s College Team at the New Meadowlands. As the only BCS team in the state of New York, we feel it is our responsibility to represent the state and the region to the best of our ability. Playing at the New Meadowlands allows us to showcase the Syracuse brand in the most global way while generating tremendous recruiting opportunities and resources to enhance football."

SB Nation's Syracuse website, Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician, sees the announcement as a 'good news, bad news' one for Syracuse fans.

The good news for the University is that these games put Syracuse in New York City's sight-line almost every other year for the next two decades. These games will likely be against high-profile opponents, equally-eager for the chance to play right outside Manhattan.

The bad news is that it re-raises the question, "Will Syracuse Ever Play A Good Non-Conference Opponent In The Dome Again?" We already know our "home" games against Penn State, USC and Notre Dame won't be in the Dome, and you have to imagine many of these future New Meadowlands games will also involve high-quality opponents.

The Orange already have several games scheduled at New Meadowlands in the next few years, starting with a game against USC in 2012. SU also has agreements to play Penn State in 2013, and Notre Dame in both 2014 and 2016.

I have one question, though. New Meadowlands gets decked in blue for New York Giants games and green for New York Jets games. Are stadium officials going to create a blue and orange stadium look for Syracuse games?