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NFL Scouting Combine: Tyron Smith, And What To Look For Today

USC offensive tackle Tyron Smith caused the biggest buzz on Day 1 of the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine. The primary question about Smith was his weight, since he played the 2010 season at an under-sized 285 pounds. Smith weighed in at 307 pounds, causing Pro Footballl Talk to exclaim "Smith 'dominated' the Underwear Olympics with a freakish build."

Draft Countdown gushed about Smith after the weigh-in, predicting that he could be putting himself in position to go in the top 10 of the 2011 NFL Draft this April.

Even more impressive were Smith's extremely long 36⅜-inch arms and massive 11-inch hands. Needless to say Smith passed the eyeball test! Smith took a big step towards his goal of being the first blocker selected in the 2011 NFL Draft today and if he performs as well as expected in drills the Top 10 overall could be within reach.

Still not sure what NFL teams are looking for when they run players through their paces during the Combine? Former Dallas Cowboys General Manager and current analyst Gil Brandt breaks down the drills and what they mean for players, based upon their positions.

Big East Conference players will begin strutting their stuff on the field for scouts this weekend. There are 30 players from the conference attending the Combine.

Here is today's agenda.

  • Kickers and punters get their day to impress scouts today as they will be the first group to work out at this year's Combine. There are eight placekickers and only one punter, Chas Henry of Florida, at the Combine.
  • Quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs will be weighed and measured today.