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Syracuse National Signing Day: Recruit QB Ashton Broyld Signs, SU Lands 26 Others

The Syracuse football program ended Wednesday's national letter of intent signing day with 27 players committing to be an Orange. Overall, SU had 13 offensive, 12 defensive and two specialist send in letters. Unfortunately, none of the recruits were rated four- or five-star caliber and SU also missed out on it's big target, defensive tackle Kevin McReynolds, who chose UCLA. However, Syracuse was consistent across the board adding a bunch of three-star players, including tight end Louie Addazio and quarterback Ahston Broyld, who both signed later in the day.

(Here's a list of the top morning recruits, including linemen linebacker Cameron Lynch and defensive backs Ritchy Desir and Shutang Mungwa.)

According to ESPN College Football Recruiting, Addazio, 6-foot-3, 225-pounds, is the highest rated recruit at 78 overall.

"Addazio may wear an eligible number and be listed as a tight end in the game program in college, but in reality he will be an offensive lineman who might get the opportunity to do an end zone dance every once in awhile."

Broyld, a 6-foot-3, 225-pound, three-star quarterback, has the athleticism to play many different position for SU.

"Broyld is an impressive athlete overall with great measurables, strength and athleticism for his size," says ESPN. He is a dual-threat prospect that is the type of athlete that could make the move to tight end or even on the defensive side of the ball."

Syracuse Post-Standard writer Nolan Weidner said this, Wednesday, about Broyld and another quarterback recruit Terrell Hunt.

"Well, Terrel Hunt and Ashton Broyld are very good athletes. They were promised a shot at quarterback, and they'll get it. But, as you pointed out, there will be a crowd there this season. Something will have to give. Hunt and Broyld both also agreed, I believe, to consider switching positions if it doesn't work out at QB. But you have to think SU would be stupid for not at least trying them there"