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Bobby Davis-Mike Lang Press Conference: Bernie Fine Accusers Announce Lawsuit Against Jim Boeheim

Syracuse University men's basketball head coach Jim Boeheim may not be fired or face any suspension for what he said about the two accusers of former assistant head coach Bernie Fine -- Bobby Fine and Mike Lang -- but he sure will pay for it. Around 2 p.m. Tuesday, the two accusers along with their newly hired high-profiled lawyer Gloria Allred announced that a defamation lawsuit will be filed against Boeheim and Syracuse University.

"Although Boeheim eventually acknowledged that he 'misspoke,' those words came too little too late," Allred said. "One of Syracuse's most respected individuals had already told the world repeatedly that Bobby Davis and Mike Lang were nothing but liars and out for money and nothing else.

"Boeheim has not suffered any consequences in his employment for using his position of power within the university to make these false, inflammatory and injurious statements about Bobby and Mike."

Davis also read a statement at the presser.

"It really hurt me to learn coach Boeheim had accused me of lying," Davis said.

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