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Mike Lang Interview: Second Bernie Fine Victim Speaks To ESPN's Mark Schwarz

As SB Nation New York waits on more information about the police investigation of long-time Syracuse University men's basketball assistant coach, Bernie Fine, who has been accused of sexual abusing two former ball boys -- Bobby Davis and Mike Lang -- we have transcribed the ESPN interview with reporter Mark Schwarz, who sat down with the alleged second victim, Lang.

Schwarz began the interview asking, "How many times did (Fine) touch your penis?"

"I can't... Probably, 15, 20 times," answered Lang. "When you tell him, you know, when he first did it he'd move away and you didn't want to say anything. You didn't feel like you were capable of saying anything, you know, he was a god to you. He can do whatever he wants. But, not with me. I didn't feel right about it and I told him, 'Bernie please do not do that to me'. And then he would do it again, and again, just made me feel odd."

Schwarz admitted that ESPN had information on Fine in 2003, but did not go forward with the story because it didn't have another victim to back up Davis' claims. Now, that Lang came forward, Schwarz had enough resources to break the story.

So, it is fair to say that without Lang's "testimony" this story from ESPN would not have come out.

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