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Syracuse Basketball Scandal: Former Team Manager Defends Bernie Fine

Updating information/details on the developing story involving long-time Syracuse University men's basketball assistant coach, Bernie Fine, who is being investigated for alleged sexual abuse of a former ball boy: The Daily Orange, the student newspaper of SU, has published a story early Friday morning about another former ball boy, Sam Carello, who worked along side the alleged victim, Bobby Davis, and is defending Fine.

"People that know Bernie will know it didn't happen," Carello said. "But the people who don't will think he's guilty. It's not innocent until proven guilty in this society anymore."

Carello, who worked as a manager during the 1985-86 and '86-'87 seasons -- the same time as Davis -- is confident about Fine's innocence.

"I know he's not guilty, but he's already presumed guilty," Carello said. "He's on leave. He will never coach again. Anyone accused of being a molester at a university, you're not going to coach anymore. All because of one person coming forth and lying."

Another supporter of Fine is SU's head coach Jim Boeheim, who has worked with Fine for 35 years, and strongly reacted to the victims accusations.

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