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Bobby Davis Interview: Bernie Fine's Alleged Victim Speaks To ESPN's Mark Schwarz

The developing story about the Syracuse police investigation of sexual abuse allegations of long-time Syracuse University men's basketball assistant coach Bernie Fine has taken another quick turn. Late Thursday night, ESPN broadcasted an interview with Fine's alleged victim, Bobby Davis, 39, who sat down with reporter Mark Schwarz (click the link for full video).

Here's what Davis had to say (note: the statements by Davis are slightly edited because of a lot of pauses, "ums", "ahs" and "you knows". These edits were made so that the accuser's words could be read clearly):

"I think he tried to act like a father figure and tried to put that in my mind now that I look back at it. But, sixth grade, 11- or 10-years old, he started to try and touch me and things like that and, honestly, I thought that was suppose to happen. You know, I cringed up and didn't want it to happen and was very, like, what's going on. I just remember being disgusted in a sense, you know, but that's when he tried to touch my privates."

When asked about which private part Fine touched, Davis said:

"My penis. If I had shorts on, he would start rubbing my leg and then he would gradually put his hands down my pants. He'd try to grab my penis. And, if I resisted, which I would do all the time, he would get more aggressive. You know, he would grab it and say, 'just relax'. If I didn't, you know, he'd pull it and say, "relax".

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