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Syracuse Basketball Scandal: Local Newspaper Explains Previous Investigation

Continuing with the developing news updates about the sexual abuse allegations against long-time Syracuse University assistant coach Bernie Fine, the Syracuse Post Standard is reacting to the news by saying that it had done an investigation on the alleged sexual abuse of Bobby Davis, but did not find anything. Here's the Post-Standard's statement:

"The Post-Standard interviewed Davis on numerous occasions about his molestation allegations against Fine in 2003. Davis alleged that Fine touched his penis on numerous occasions when he was a minor and an adult.

The newspaper determined that Davis, who grew up within blocks of Fine’s former home in Syracuse, accompanied the Syracuse University basketball team on road trips, including to Hawaii, where Davis said he stayed in Fine’s room.

The Post-Standard’s investigation did not turn up other evidence to corroborate the allegations against Fine.

The Post-Standard interviewed a handful of other men who Davis said had spent a lot of time at the Fines’ house as children and who Davis suggested might have been molested by Fine. All of these men, including a close relative of Davis, denied Fine had sexual contact with them."

To read reactions from Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim, click here. SB Nation New York will continue to update this StoryStream as more news begins to be available.