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Steve Lavin Vs. Jim Boeheim: Comb Over Or Grease Lighting?

Wednesday's match up between the No. 4-ranked Syracuse Orange (16-0, 3-0) and St. John's Red Storm (7 p.m. on ESPN) features two head coaches who do not have a lot in common.

For instance, Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim has coached at SU for 35 years and has slowly built an elite program, which has been steadly ranked in the Top 5 for two consecutive seasons.

St. John's head coach Steve Lavin is in the midst of his first season at St. John's and wants to rapidly build an elite program, which just received four points in the latest AP poll -- the last time the Red Storm (10-4, 3-1) earned votes in any college basketball poll was in December of 2009.

Boeheim has 845 career victories, ranked fifth all-time in Division I coaching victories (most importantly, he's ahead of Connecticut Huskies head coach Jim Calhoun!)

Lavin has only 155 career victories as a head coach (not even close to being ahead of Calhoun).

Boeheim coaches a team called the ORANGE. Lavin's team is called the RED Storm.

In his entire life, Boeheim has never left the city of Syracuse -- okay, maybe, a slight exaggeration.

Lavin coached UCLA for seven seasons (1996-'03) and according to Sports Illustrated does yoga -- picture Boeheim doing yoga. Haha. Good stuff.

Boeheim has sported a stylish comb over.

Lavin resembles Danny Zuko from the movie Grease.

So, there you go. What opposite is going to be better tonight? Comb over or Grease Lighting?

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