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New Era Pinstripe Bowl: Teams Are On The Field

We are still nearly two hours from kickoff here at the Pinstripe Bowl, but both teams are on the turf here at Yankee Stadium warming up.

It’s in the mid-30s here, and the most amazing thing I am looking at is a handful of Kansas State players out on the field in sleeveless undershirts. There are also quite a few Syracuse players warming up in shorts and t-shirts. Ah, it must be nice to be young and warm-blooded, rather than 50 and shivering in the open air press box!

By the way, the place looks incredible. The Stadium grounds crew did a fantastic job clearing the snow from the playing surface. The infield portion of the playing field has been covered with sod, and I know that I can’t tell you where the infield is supposed to be. Pretty incredible.

There is a presser going on right now with members of the Yankee brass. But, to be honest, Randy Levine gives me the creeps so I’m still sitting in the press box watching warm-ups. Back later with more.