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New Era Pinstripe Bowl, Live Blog: Hello New York!

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Well, we lied.

Ed Valentine and I are already in the Yankee Stadium press box -- he got here a little earlier than expected and I got here a little later than I thought I would -- and already it's a sight to see.

As I predicted, the field, which works it way from home plate (Kansas State end zone) towards Monument Park (Syracuse), is tightly nestled into the stadium. If a fade pattern is thrown in either corner of the end zones, the dugouts or center field wall will catch the receivers fall.

With that said, it makes for great seating where ever you are.

The Yankees' press box is located behind home plate, so our angle is sort of a high-corner end zone look. It's nice.

We will keep you posted throughout the day. Going to grab some grub from Sheppard's.