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New Era Pinstripe Bowl: The Return Of No. 44?

Former Syracuse running back and legend Floyd Little was a guest on The Danny Parkins Show Tuesday in preparation for the New Era Pinstripe Bowl. The Hall-of-Famer said many interesting things, but this comment stuck out among all the rest.

"I don't have a problem with (reinstating No. 44),' said Little. "I spoke with Athletic Director Daryl Gross. He said, is it possible, would I support him unretiring it from time to time?...I would like to see someone else use it."

What an outstanding move, especially for recruiting purposes, this would be if the university decides to bring back one of the most historic numbers in college football history, which was retired in the fall of 2005.

"I think it probably should be (retired)," said former No. 44 and SU great Jim Brown. "I think it’s very difficult to try to pick an individual prematurely that’s going to be able to fulfill the shoes of 44."

In all respects to Brown, because he has a lot more say in this topic than I do, but it doesn't matter if a player can live up to its expectations. Fans understand that not every recruit is going to be a considered the greatest running back of all time.

However, it does allow for SU to bring back a tradition that I am sure head coach Doug Marrone has a lot of respect for. Marrone just won't hand it out to any blue-chipper to get him to come to Syracuse. But he can use it as a reward for a hungry player who wants to earn the right to wear No. 44.

No. 22 is still being used during the fall, right?

No offense to lacrosse players Cody Jamieson or Dan Hardy but they weren't one of the Powells or Gates and STILL deserved to wear the double-deuce.

What your thoughts, SU fans?