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Marquis Spruill arrested: Syracuse linebacker charged with disorderly conduct and 2nd-degree harassment

A pair of Syracuse football players, linebacker Marquis Spruill and running back Steve Rene, were arrested early Sunday morning, according to police reports.

Stephen Dunn

Two Syracuse Orange football players were arrested early Sunday morning and spent the night in jail, The Daily Orange's Michael Cohen and Alex Ptachick are reporting.

Cohen and Ptachick sourced a police report naming junior linebacker Marquis Spruill and junior running back Steve Rene as the two Orange players:

Rene was booked and lodged for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Spruill was booked and lodged for disorderly conduct and 2nd-degree harassment, according to the reports.

John O'Brien of the Post-Standard has more details on the arrests.

When police arrived shortly before 12:30 a.m., they saw Rene in the middle of Euclid, yelling at people, Connellan said. The officers told him to get out of the road. He yelled obscenities and gradually moved to the sidewalk, Connellan said.

Moments later, Rene was back in the roadway, yelling obscenities and waving his arms, Connellan said. Rene appeared angry and ready to fight, Connellan said. Rene blocked a car whose driver was trying to turn onto Euclid, police said.

The officer again told Rene to get out of the road, and approached him, Connellan said. Rene moved toward the sidewalk and the officer tried to secure him, police said. At that moment, Spruill came up from behind and grabbed the officer by the top of the shirt with both hands and tried to pull the officer away from Rene, Connellan said.

The officer pushed Spruill, and another officer took Spruill away when he tried to move back toward Rene, Connellan said.

While police were trying to gain control of Rene and were about to handcuff him, he broke away and fell between the curb and a parked vehicle, police said. He fought officers who tried to handcuff him until another officer with a police dog got him to comply, Connellan said.

The German shepard Beny, which was muzzled during the entire incident, struck in the middle of Rene's back with its muzzle to get him to free his arm from under his body so he could be handcuffed, police said.

Head coach Doug Marrone was contacted by The Daily Orange and said, “We are aware of the situation, and we will handle it in the appropriate fashion."

Spruill is fourth on the team in tackles (36) and has collected two sacks in a starting role for the Orange (7-6), who's awaiting a bowl invitation to either the Pinstripe Bowl or BBVA Compass Bowl.

Rene started the year as the team's main punter returner, but injuries and lack of production forced him to be replaced by sophomore safety Ritchy Desir.

So far, the Syracuse University athletic department has not commented on the two arrests. In situations like this, SU usually strips a player of their eligibility and lets the matter play out in the court of the law.

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