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Rutgers Vs. USF: Kyle Flood Press Conference

Rutgers head coach Kyle Flood spoke on his team's quick turnaround in his Monday press conference ahead of Thursday night's game against USF.


Rutgers has a short game week ahead of them before their Big East season opener at USF, which head coach Kyle Flood elaborated on in his Monday press conference.

From a coaching perspective, Flood talked about the short week:

Today for us was Tuesday... 18 hours from now, about 90 percent of the gameplan will be in.

Upon being asked about various injuries, more thoughts on the quick turnaround:

It changes because you don't have as much time to recover. That's the first part. You guys are asking about some of the injury issues and those answers have to get solved quicker. That's the first issue you have. You have the time constraints on getting the gameplan ready but as coaches, we're used to that. We do that, we're used to operating like that. We try to do as much in advance as we can... it's really more just getting the players who got dinged up a bit back and going.


They're an excellent football team. They're a really, really talented football team. On defense they certainly did a great job against us last year. They're always tough to handle up front. It seems like every year they've got more and more defensive linemen in their program that are really hard to block. They've got probably one of the best playmakers in our conference on offense playing quarterback for them, a guy who's very difficult to contain.

On improving this week after a 26-0 win against Howard:

I don't know what we'll have to do to win the football game. I know we'll have to be better than last week.

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