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Rutgers Pro Day 2012: Mohamed Sanu 'Made A Lot Of Money For Himself'

The praise for the performance by Mohamed Sanu at Wednesday’s Rutgers Pro Day just keeps rolling in. draft expert Tony Pauline wrote Wednesday that Sanu "made a lot of money for himself today.

Sanu’s draft stock had been sliding after he ran a 4.67 during the NFL Scouting Combine, but Wednesday’s sub-4.5 times changed that.

“He caught the ball well, which was no surprise, but also ran crisp routes and practiced as fast as he timed earlier in the day. Could Sanu now squeeze into the late part of round one? Maybe, but if he doesn’t he will surely come off the board during the first half dozen picks of the second round,” wrote Pauline.

Pauline also wrote that several other Rutgers prospects may have improved their draft stock on Wednesday.

— Defensive lineman Justin Francis “delivered more than teams expected” and may have moved into the early part of the final day of the three-day draft.

— Offensive lineman Desmond Wynn “impressed in drills by showing a lot of athleticism moving about the field in bag drills as well as sliding his feet in pass blocking drills.”

— Running back Joe Martinek “may have moved into the last round of the draft with his performance.”