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NFL Draft 2012: Mohamed Sanu No. 31 To New England In Updated Draft Tek Mock Draft

Despite his so-so effort at the just-concluded NFL Scouting Combine, former Rutgers wide receiver Mohamed Sanu remains in the mix for a late first round or early second selection in the 2012 NFL Draft this April.

In the most recent seven-round Draft Tek 2012 NFL Mock Draft, released Wednesday, Sanu went to the New England Patriots with the 31st selection of the first round.

Draft Tek writes:

“… as a possession option, he could be a fit in the Patriots’ tight end based offense. Other over the top options may be more productive, but Sanu does have some upside in the Patriots’ system, which cannot be underplayed.”

Former Rutgers offensive guard Desmond Wynn was given to the San Francisco 49ers in the sixth round by the Draft Tek computer simulation. Wynn, 6-foot-5, 305 pounds, was the 188th player selected in the Draft Tek mock.

Defensive tackle Justin Francis was not selected during the Draft Tek mock.