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Mike Mayock Explains Concerns About Mohamed Sanu Of Rutgers

We mentioned in a notebook on Thursday that Mohamed Sanu of Rutgers in not listed among the top five wide receivers in the 2012 NFL Draft class by NFL Network draft guru Mike Mayock, one of the most respected analysts in the business. Mayock explained why during a Thursday afternoon conference call.

Basically, Mayock is concerned about the 6-foot-2, 218-pound Sanu's ability to get open again NFL cornerbacks. Mayock compares Sanu to Alshon Jeffrey, a highly-regarded 6-4, 232-pound receiver from South Carolina has also has not assigned a first-round grade at this time.

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"On tape for me, neither of them separate. They struggle getting off press coverage, and by the way, Sanu had 114 catches this year. Some of them were of the sick variety. Just really impressive, one handed, beautiful catches," Mayock said. "So he's a guy I want to like and believe in, but he's not sudden. He doesn't have great acceleration, and in the NFL, everything's going to be contested. That's where you get nervous with some of those big bodied guys. If they can't get open, is everything throw going to be contested?"