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Rutgers Football: Tom Savage Ready To Return To The Banks

A day after Rutgers Scartlet Knights head coach Greg Schiano admitted in his post-season press conference that he was ready to end the quarterback carousel that has revolved around his football program the past two seasons, former Scarlet Knights starting quarterback, Tom Savage, is getting set to make a return.

On Wednesday, Savage, who at the end of last year transferred to Arizona, made it clear via Twitter that he is coming back to Rutgers. The junior quarterback also made some changes to his profile that made it more Scarlet Knights friendly.

More about Tom Savage after the jump...

According to Matt Sugam of, Savage is petitioning the NCAA, so he nbecome eligible for the 2012 season. Most transfers, unless cleared by the NCAA, must sit out a full season until they can be eligible. Savage had to sit out this season because of his transfer at the beginning of last year.

This season, sophomore Chas Dodd, who led the Scarlet Knights to a 27-13 victory over Iowa State in the Pinstripe Bowl, and freshman Gary Nova split starts, as both quarterbacks were inconsistent during the year.