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Kyle Flood Officially Introduced As Rutgers Football Coach

Rutgers officially introduced Kyle Flood as its new head football coach today. Flood, who had been an assistant at Rutgers for seven season, reportedly received a five-year contract.

From the Rutgers website, here are a few thoughts on Flood from former Rutgers players:

Anthony Davis, San Francisco 49ers starting right tackle and the 11th overall pick of the 2010 NFL Draft (Rutgers 2007-09)

“Coach Flood is the right guy for the job. The kids that get to play for him are lucky and their parents should be comfortable knowing that their kids are not only in a great program, but also with a great coach. More importantly, Coach Flood is a great father figure and a great man!”

Kevin Haslam, Jacksonville Jaguars offensive lineman (Rutgers 2005-09)

“I think Coach Flood will do a great job as head coach of the program. He is one of the best teachers I have ever had in the game of football. The first thing he said every year to us was ‘Football is about the details’ and that’s what I learned most from Coach Flood and I still use that every day. He is extremely competitive and wants the best out of everyone.”