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Rutgers Football, Tim Pernetti Press Conference: New Head Coach By Signing Day Is 'Doable'

Rutgers Scarlet Knights athletic director Tim Pernetti held a press conference today to discuss the head coaching situation as Greg Schiano has left to take the job with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Offensive line coach Kyle Flood has been named the interim coach.

Pernetti fielded questions from the assembled reporters about saving the impressive incoming recruiting class Schiano had put together and finding a new head coach.

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Pernetti said that finding a new head coach by college football's national signing day (Feb. 1) was "doable." He also said that "it's a very quick turnaround and obviously it requires a lot of moving parts, but I think it's very achievable."

Pernetti said Schiano informed him about what was going on every step of the way. Pernetti said he "absolutely" tried to talk Schiano out of taking the Tampa Bay job.

When asked about what the school will tell recruits who just heard about Schiano leaving today, Pernetti said that Rutgers is"the same program that it was two days ago."

The values of the school will not change no matter who the new hire is, Pernetti went on to say.

When asked about the legacy of Schiano at Rutgers, Pernetti said it was the "culture change that people said could never get done here was probably Greg's greatest accomplishment."

Pernetti also said about Rutgers football before Schiano arrived "I think this was the worst program in college football 11 years ago."

Pernetti deflected most questions relating to things Schiano has been purported to have said about taking the Tampa Bay job. However, Pernetti did touch on the stability of the Big East Conference saying that "anybody who tells you conference membership is not an issue is lying to you."

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