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Greg Schiano: Grades Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Hiring Of Former Rutgers Football Head Coach

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and new head coach Greg Schiano official agreed to terms on a five-year deal Thursday, and gave the move a letter-grade of D. With all seven of the 2012 NFL head coaching vacancies filled, the website graded them and Schiano's hiring received the worst evolution.

"The thing about Schiano (one that supporters of this move are citing already) is that he ran a very NFL-style system at Rutgers. That professional approach helped turn a dormant program into a moderate success — Rutgers had six winning seasons in the past seven years and currently holds a five-game bowl win streak."

Read more about what had to say here.

Just a few weeks ago,'s Peter King said on The Dan Patrick radio show that he thinks that Schiano would make a decent NFL head coach.

"If you asked (New England Patriots head coach) Bill Belichick right now, and I know because I've seen Schiano at Patriots training camp a couple of times," said King. "Bill has tremendous regard for Greg Schiano and I think he believes that Schiano will be an excellent NFL coach someday."

"And, everybody says, 'Geez? Rutgers? What is that?'," continued King. "I lived in New Jersey at the time of their sorta Renaissance a few years ago. You know how hard it is to get where Greg Schiano got them to be at Rutgers? Do you know what Rutgers was? Rutgers was the '76 (Tampa Bay) Buccaneers for years and for Schiano to get them competitive in college football is a tremendous accomplishment."

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