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Rutgers Football: Greg Schiano To NFL?

In the never-ending cycle of college football head coaches heading to the NFL in search of stardom and a better paycheck, I never thought I would see or hear the name of Rutgers Scarlet Knights' Greg Schiano among them. However, I did Thursday when listening to a radio interview that's Peter King did with the Dan Patrick Show.

"As for as a coaching sleeper," said King, "I think Greg Schiano is going to be a very good coach in the NFL."

See what King had to say about Rutgers football coach Greg Schiano after the jump...

"If you asked (New England Patriots head coach) Bill Belichick right now, and I know because I've seen Schiano at Patriots training camp a couple of times," said King. "Bill has tremendous regard for Greg Schiano and I think he believes that Schiano will be an excellent NFL coach someday."

"And, everybody says, 'Geez? Rutgers? What is that?'," continued King. "I lived in New Jersey at the time of their sorta Renaissance a few years ago. You know how hard it is to get where Greg Schiano got them to be at Rutgers? Do you know what Rutgers was? Rutgers was the '76 (Tampa Bay) Buccaneers for years and for Schiano to get them competitive in college football is a tremendous accomplishment."

On Monday, King mentioned Schiano in his Monday Morning QB column. You can read that column (mention is on the fifth page) by clicking this link.

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