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Greg Schiano Reacts To Rutgers Football 2011 National Signing Day

The Rutgers football program completed it's 11th national letter of intent signing day under head coach Greg Schiano Wednesday. Schiano and his assistant coaches got 19 recruits to commit to the Scarlet Knights.Here are some of the highlights of Schiano's post-signing day press conference. (To read the full transcript visit

“I’m really excited about this class that we were able to sign here. It is an accumulation of a lot of people’s hard work and culmination of a lot of months, actually years of work that have gone into this. There are some really fine student-athletes that have decided to sign on board."

Is it surprising at all to get this kind of talent off a tough season?

“Not really, because so much of the relationships that are going to land you a prospect or not are developed over years...Now-a-days, you are recruiting freshmen. Freshmen are on your campus and you build these relationships over time. That part of it is good because you really get to know the young man. In a year when you don’t really have a great year on the field, results-wise, I think those relationships carry you through."

Is this class complete, do anticipate everybody making it?

“I think the class is complete although you never know. There are always opportunities out there. As far as everybody making it, it is hard to tell at this time. I hope so but there is some guys that have some work to do before the academic year ends."

Do you anticipate a large part of this group to be bale to contribute immediately?

“Every year I answer that one the same. It is awfully hard to know. Other than the five guys that started midyear, I think that gives them a clear leg up. They get over the homesickness, they get over the things that can de-rail them. Certainly, we have plenty of guys that are athletically talented enough to help and contribute next year, but as I have always said… you never know."

Is this the most success you have with New Jersey kids? "

"Jason game me a thing, New Jersey-13, Pennsylvania-3, New York-3… that is the area that is the state of Rutgers, New Jersey and everything that touches it. We stretched it a little bit to Iowa, but that’s ok and then we always recruit Florida, we had four guys from the state of Florida. I really like the geographic breakdown, but like I said I wish I could tell you that is by design. We recruit those areas and that is the way the numbers shook out. I am thrilled that we are back; we continue to back to those same areas because I think you make fewer mistakes. "

(Click here for a full transcript.)