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BCS Rankings Week 13 Projections: Rutgers Moves To Top Of Big East

For more on the Scarlet Knights, visit SB Nation's On The Banks.

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The wild Big East standings have yet another leader this week, as SB Nation's bowl projections now have Rutgers as the team headed to the Orange Bowl as the conference's BCS representative. The projections have the Scarlet Knights listed as playing Virginia Tech, but the league is far from strong according to the BCS projections according to SB Nation's Samuel Chi:

Big East: Must we do this every week? How could we not? The team leading the conference now is 6-5 Louisville, with every Big East team having at least three losses already. The Orange Bowl is not relishing the thought of getting another deadbeat "champion" out of this bunch.

Louisville and Rutgers are tied atop the Big East standings with a 4-2 league record. Louisville holds the tiebreaker, however, as the result of a 16-14 win on October 21st. Louisville plays at South Florida on Friday with a chance to clinch the Big East. Rutgers closes the season Saturday at Connecticut, but West Virginia, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati all have a chance to tie for first place as well.

While Rutgers would lose a tiebreaker with Louisville, the Scarlet Knights would win the BCS berth if they tie with Louisville, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati based on their wins over Pittsburgh and Cincy.