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BCS Rankings Week 10 Projections: Big East Not Ranked, LSU And Alabama At The Top

SB Nation football has released the projections for the week 10 BCS rankings. Find out how Boise State jumped up in the rankings without playing.

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The latest BCS projections have been released and the biggest surprise is the movement of the Boise State Broncos, who didn't even play this past weekend. The BCS guru at SB Nation's NCAA page has given his latest predictions and again he's placed LSU in the top seed. 

BCS Standings projections, Week 10: 1. LSU, 2. Alabama, 3. Oklahoma State, 4. Stanford, 5. Boise State, 6. Oklahoma, 7. Oregon, 8. Arkansas, 9. South Carolina, 10. Virginia Tech, 11. Nebraska, 12. Houston, 13. Michigan, 14. Kansas State, 15. Penn State.    

The November 5 matchup between LSU and Alabama will decide who will make the national title game. It is possible that Boise State will get the bid but OSU and Stanford would need to lose. 

He does provide some reasoning for why he continues to ignore the Big East week in and week out despite the solid play by the top teams. The Big East is listed as one of the biggest losers of the week.

Big East - The conference just lost its only team currently ranked in the BCS Standings to the Big 12, and its efforts to recruit Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines ... oops, Boise State, so far have come up empty. What's a bigger joke: The Big East or the fact that it will stay an AQ conference for this, AND TWO MORE seasons?

So what does this mean for Big East Football? Well for one thing it means that not one takes the conference seriously. The conference is currently in disarray and the Rutgers Scarlet Knights are the top team. With the state of flux that the NCAA's conferences are currently in, it could change in a heartbeat. However, currently, the conference just isn't good enough to compete with the rest of the D1 schools.