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Rutgers-Louisville Score Update: Cardinals and Scarlet Knights tied 7-7 At Halftime

Nothing like waiting until the last minute second.

The Rutgers offense played a fairly dreadful second quarter against the Cardinals and were down 7-0 with one second left in the half.

And it was fourth and inches.

It was, until freshman running back Savon Huggins coasted in for six points. That gave San San Te a chance to get his head on straight with an easy extra point kick to tie it up 7-7 at halftime.

Te was creamed on the sidelines earlier in the game by coach Greg Schiano after the usually reliable kicker went wide on two attempts from 31 and 25 yards, respectively.

It was another botched effort by the Scarlet Knights, who also saw quarterback Gary Nova sacked and penalized for intentional grounding. Fortunately, Louisville was unable to get its own offense out of neutral and left the second quarter scoreless.

The defenses have played well for both teams, but this could easily be tipped in Rutgers favor — if the Scarlet Knights start capitalizing on key opportunities.

Stay tuned.