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BCS Top 25 Rankings: LSU and Alabama Claim Top Spots In Week 8

The BCS released their first rankings of the year. Find out who got snubbed and who got over ranked this week.

The first BCS rankings of the season were released Sunday night and there are some surprises. LSU and Alabama are on top in the one and two position. Surprisingly, Boise State, despite a weak strength of schedule is ahead of Wisconsin.

Rutgers University is 5-1 this year yet remains unranked in all polls. The Texas Longhorns snuck into the top 25 despite losses to both Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. West Virginia is the sole representative from the Big East Conference, breaking into the top 15. The Scarlet Knights. however, did garner some support after defeating Navy, 21-20, over the weekend.

Rutgers face Louisville in a Big East matchup Friday (8 p.m. on ESPN2). Syracuse. Also on Friday, On Friday, WVU will visit Syracuse University (8 p.m. on ESPN) in a prime time contest.

-- SB Nation New York will have all the details leading up to both games as the week progresses.