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Big East Football Standings 2012: Rutgers, Louisville in drivers seat

With two weeks of conference play remaining, Rutgers and Louisville are the two teams most likely to take the Big East championship, although Syracuse and Cincinnati aren't mathematically eliminated from capturing shares of the title yet.

Joe Robbins

The Big East champion will most likely be Rutgers or Louisville, as scenarios for any other team to even earn a share of the championship became more complicated after Week 12.

With a 10-3 win over Cincinnati, Rutgers remained undefeated in conference play, while 9-1 Louisville was idle after its first loss of the year. Next week, the Scarlet Knights and Cardinals play Pitt and UConn -- a pair of 4-6 teams that only have one win in conference play, so the one-loss squads should be able to come away with wins. After that, the two teams are scheduled to meet Nov. 27, with the winner of that game essentially guaranteed to take the conference's BCS bowl berth.

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Syracuse is still alive after handing Louisville its first loss two weeks ago, having won four of five, including a matchup on the road at Missouri this past weekend. Cincinnati can still take a share of the conference title, but with its two losses coming to Louisville and Rutgers, it is not going to take the Big East's BCS spot, which is determined by head-to-head play. Both the Orange and Bearcats would need to win out, coupled with losses for both Louisville and Rutgers next week and a Louisville win in the head-to-head matchup between the schools, a scenario that would leave all parties with two conference losses.

Here's a look at the full Big East standings:

Big East Conference Standings

(updated 11.18.2012 at 3:39 AM EST)