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Jawan Jamison injury: Savon Huggins prepared for bigger role

Rutgers' running back Savon Huggins is prepared to be the feature back when the Scarlet Knights take on the Cincinnati Bearcats on Saturday.


Rutgers Scarlet Knights' running back Savon Huggins is ready to be the feature back when Rutgers takes on the Cincinnati Bearcats on Saturday if Jawan Jamison is limited. Jamison sprained his ankle in Rutgers 28-7 win over Army on Nov. 10.

Jamison has not practiced since the injury and his status for the game against Cincinnati is questionable. Huggins has said he's not treating this week any differently, saying "I'm not really worried about anything else but getting the job done when my number's called."

Huggins was a top recruit coming out of St. Peter's Prep, but has failed to live up to his hype over his first two seasons at Rutgers. He has 165 yards rushing on 52 carries this season with two touchdowns in seven games. The Rutgers offensive line is confident in Huggins ability given the opportunity.

Against Army, Jamison had 22 carries for 90 yards and Huggins carried the ball 10 times for 33 yards and a touchdown.