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Colon, Cabrera Suspensions Don't Surprise Brian Cashman

Brian Cashman was not surprised that Bartolo Colon or Melky Cabrera tested positive for increased levels of testosterone.

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When former New York Yankees player's Bartolo Colon and Melky Cabrera tested positive for increased levels of testosterone earlier this month, some were surprised. Club general manager Brian Cashman was not.

In an interview on ESPN New York's "Michael Kaye Show," Cashman stated that he was not surprised at the results of the players' drug tests and that the thought of Colon enhancing his performance was something that had crossed his mind.


"You see some spike in performance," Cashman told the radio station about Colon. "You hope it's not the case, but you scratch your head and you wonder at the same time. But then you sit there and get a comfort level: Tests are taking place, so if people are passing their tests ...

"In Bartolo's case, as well as he has done last year as well through this year, at his age, after coming back from that surgery, [it] makes you scratch your head."

The same sentiment was shared when discussing Cabrera.

Cashman stated that Cabrera was a low-end, every player the club could use off the bench. The organization felt as though he had a ceiling and when he began to breakout in the way that he did, questions began to arise similarly as with Colon.

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