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Derek Jeter Injury: Jeter Won't Skip All-Star Start Despite Shoulder Issue

New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter will not skip his start in Tuesday's MLB All-Star Game despite suffering muscle spasms in his right shoulder that caused him to drop a routine pop-up during Sunday's game against the Boston Red Sox. [via Hardball Talk]

Jeter, legendary for hating to discuss injuries, said the spasms were "no big deal" and that they happen "all the time." The fact that he still managed three hits Sunday against Boston might indicate that the shoulder spasms really aren't a big deal.

In the Yankee Universe, though, injuries to the Yankee Captain are always a big deal. Jeter, 38, is having an excellent season to date, hitting .308, his best year thus far since 2009. Jeter also has 7 home runs, more than he hit all of last season.

Jeter skipped last year's All-Star Game, claiming exhaustion after reaching 3,000 hits. He now has 3,199, 14th on the all-time list.