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Andy Pettitte Injury Update: Yankees Pitcher Suffers Minor Setback

Andy Pettitte has suffered a minor setback in his recovery from a fracture in his left fibula. The New York Yankees left-hander had to momentarily suspend his throwing program but is still looking to return in August.

"Doc said he was hoping it would be healed a little better than it was," Pettitte said. "The first two weeks it healed really quick and I feel like we have slowed down a little bit. He said, 'Let's try to stay off it a little bit.' That is where we are at."

Pettitte worked his way up to 55 pitches throwing off flat ground. Progress came a bit too quickly, however, and staying on his feet increased swelling around the ankle. Pettitte still has approximately one more month left on his 60-day stint on the disabled list, so there is still a chance he'll be ready to return as soon as he possibly can.

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