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Justin Upton Trade Rumors: Diamondbacks Outfielder Off The Trade Market -- Report

The New York Yankees have likely fulfilled their big-name trade quota for the 2012 season, but one of their rumored trade targets apparently came off the market Tuesday. According to's Jerry Crasnick, Arizona Diamondbacks team president Derrick Hall said there's, "close to a 100 percent chance nothing happens' before the trade deadline.

Of course, Hall could be saying this because the Yankees moved on from Upton and acquired future Hall-of-Famer Ichiro Suzuki from the Seattle Mariners Monday; or this could be one of the reasons why New York went after Ichiro in the first place.

"We're in no hurry to move this guy -- nor do we think we need to,'' Hall said. "Everybody in this organization is open for discussion and conversation, including Justin Upton. If people call, we're going to listen. We've had a lot of people call, and we've said, 'No thank you' to all of them. That hasn't changed.''

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