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The Top 5: Yankees And Mets Hitting Streaks Since 1941

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Robinson Cano's hitting streak ended on Saturday night, at 23. David Wright hit in 15 consecutive games earlier this season, and he began the year with a 10-game streak. And the newest New York Yankees outfielder, Ichiro Suzuki, holds the Seattle Mariners franchise record, when he hit in 27 straight games in 2009. So hitting streaks are in the air this season. Joe DiMaggio, of course, holds the major league record with his 56-game streak in 1941. Wright had a 26-game hitting streak that spanned two seasons, 2006 and 2007. Mike Vail had a famous 23-game hitting streak that began in the fifth game of his career, in 1975, which was a franchise record at the time, as well as the major league rookie record. The New York Mets got a little too excited, though, as they traded Rusty Staub that winter, and the team was left with a washed-up Mickey Lolich and . . . Mike Vail, who suffered an injury playing basketball in the offseason and turned out to be a major disappointment for the Mets. Here are the Top 5 (really six, due to a three-way tie) Yankees and Mets single-season hitting streaks since Joltin' Joe's record-setter 71 seasons ago.

4. Mike Piazza, 24 (tie): In his first full season in Queens, in 1999, Piazza hit in 24 consecutive games, from May 25 to June 22. He raised his average from .314 to .326 during that span, banged out 36 hits, hit eight home runs and drove in 18 runs. The Mets won the wild card that year, and made it the NLCS before losing to the Atlanta Braves.

4. Don Mattingly, 24 (tie): From Aug. 30 to Sept. 26, 1986, the Yankee first baseman put together a 24-game hitting streak. Mattingly had 16 multi-hit games, totaled 43 hits, raised his average from .335 to .350, hit four home runs and knocked in 16 runs. The Yankees finished in second place, to the Boston Red Sox, with a 90-72 record.

4. Hubie Brooks, 24 (tie): 1984 was the year of the turnaround for the Met franchise, and Brooks was already established by then as a fan favorite. He hit in 24 straight games from May 1 to June 1. His 33 hits raised his average from .203 to .306, and he added two home runs with 10 RBIs during that stretch. The team finished in second place, to the Chicago Cubs, going 90-72. Brooks was shipped to Montreal in the Gary Carter deal that winter.

3. Derek Jeter, 25: In 2006, from Aug. 20 to Sept. 16, the Yankee captain hit safely in 25 games. His average went from .335 to .343, he totaled 35 hits, had four three-hit games, scored 21 runs, hit three home runs and drove in 18 runs. The first-place, 97-65 Yankees lost to the Detroit Tigers in the ALDS that season.

2. Joe Gordon, 29: One year after DiMaggio's 56-gamer, his teammate hit in 29 straight games, from May 13 to June 14. Gordon had 48 hits in that span, with 13 multi-hit games, six home runs and 26 RBIs. His average rose from .350 to .396. The Hall of Fame second baseman won the AL MVP that year, though the Yankees lost the World Series to the St. Louis Cardinals. Gordon was traded to the Cleveland Indians after the 1946 season for pitcher Allie Reynolds.

1. Moises Alou, 30: While the Mets' season spiralled out of control in their infamous 2007 collapse, Alou was setting a franchise record by hitting in 30 consecutive games, from Aug. 31 to Sept. 27. His average went from .313 to .344, he had three three-hit games and one four-hit game and hit four home runs and had 16 RBIs. Alou was 41 years old at the time, and his streak is the longest of any player over 40.