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VIDEO: Ichiro Suzuki, Joe Girardi Discuss Yankees Trade At Press Conference

Monday's trade sending Ichiro Suzuki to the New York Yankees from the Seattle Mariners has shocked the baseball world. While the 38-year-old outfielder may not be the player he once was, 10-time All-Stars don't grow on trees and the Yankees could use the extra body.

Ichiro spoke Monday at his press conference to thank fans in Seattle but also to discuss his need to move on from a Mariners club looking to rebuild itself through youth. Note: The first 4:18 is in Japanese, so unless you're fluent you might want to skip ahead a bit.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi also spoke briefly at the presser, expressing his excitement. Girardi believes that Ichiro will provide an element of speed missing from the team with Brett Gardner out for the season.

As you might expecxt, SB Nation YouTube had its own unique take on the deal.

Ichiro Suzuki Traded to New York Yankees -- The Internet Reacts (via sbnation)

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