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The New York Yankees And The Search For Better Stadium Security

Over the weekend in Detroit, the New York Yankees had to watch while a fan climbed down onto the field and ran around. He was harmless, just looking for some ill-advised fun and attention getting a fist bump from Nick Swisher and asking Robinson Cano for his glove. Fortunately, the fan was then finally taken away by security.

It's hard to blame the Yankees for wanting the Detroit Tigers to have better security or at the very least, have them do their jobs with more pep in their step.

Luckily that fan didn't have malice on his mind, but what if he did? What happens if he's some deranged lunitic looking for five minutes of fame in the same way Guenter Parche did when he stabbed Monica Seles back in 1993.

People are unpredictable in those circumstances and Detroit's on-field security failed miserably, letting this man wander around the outfield before making it all the way to second base.

Manager Joe Girardi expressed his concern after the game, according to

"That can’t happen," Girardi said. "People have got to get out there. You worry about your guy."

Back in more innocent times, fans ran on the field regularly after big wins to celebrate with their heroes like you would see today in a college game. Unfortunately, yesteryear is long gone and has been replaced with a world rife with fears that weren't in existence long ago.

It's more than fair for the Yankees to expect protection when they're on the field conducting business. In fact, Comerica Park has a responsibility to keep these types of things from happening.

It's irresponsible to let this guy run around the field without much resistance. It'll just make the next fan think he can do it.

Remember that fan a few years ago that got tasered at Citizens Bank Park after he ran on the field during a Phillies game? So does every other Phillies fan. It comes as no surprise he's the last guy who has made a break for it in that stadium.

Don't take it the wrong way, tasering someone should be the last resort. The point is simply that stricter enforcement of the rules must be taken before something serious happens.

It's the only way to go in a situation where safety must be paramount.

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