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Yankees Vs. White Sox: Derek Jeter Passes Cal Ripken On All-Time Hits List

Derek Jeter's leadoff double against the Chicago White Sox on Friday night moved him into 13th place on the all time hits list, ESPN reports. Jeter passed Ripken with his 97th hit of the 2012 season and his 3,185th career hit. Nap Lajoie, with 3.252 career hits, is now the man in front of Jeter on the list.

Cal Ripken, the previous holder of the 13th spot on the list, released a statement:

"Derek has been such a special player for such a long time and I am happy to see him continue to play at a high level," Ripken said. "He represents the game and the Yankees wonderfully, and I hope that he continues to play and continues to give all of us baseball fans great memories."

With another year to play and a player option for 2014, Jeter will have plenty of opportunity to provide more of those memories and move farther up in the record books.

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