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Roger Clemens Trial: Former Yankees Pitcher Acquitted On All Charges

Former New York Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens was acquitted on all charges on Monday during his trial in Washington, D.C. (via NYT).

Clemens faced perjury charges as well as charges of making false statements and obstructing Congress while testifying before Congress in 2008 that he never took performance-enhancing drugs. If convicted on all charges, Clemens would have faced 10 years in federal prison. It was the second attempt by the government to convict Clemens. The first trial last year ended in a mistrial after the jury was shown inadmissible evidence by the prosecution.

The jury of eight women and four men deliberated for two days and were asked to review 13 statements made by Clemens. If he had been found to have lied on any one of the 13 statements, he could be convicted on one of the charges against him.

Out of his 24 seasons in MLB, Clemens pitched for the Yankees from 1999-2003 and in 2007. Clemens' former teammate and current Yankee pitcher Andy Pettitte testified during the trial.