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Royals Vs. Yankees, Game 4: Nick Swisher Returns To Lineup In Series Finale

The New York Yankees offense is looking for a spark, and they could get it Sunday as outfielder Nick Swisher will return to the nine-man batting lineup in the series finale in Kansas City. Swisher was listed in the Yankees starting lineup for the first time in a week, when he was taken out of the game because of a leg injury.

Since then, a lot has happened for New York as it has dropped four of its last six games, which have featured an average of just two runs per game.

Here's Sunday lineup that will try to get the Yankees out of its offensive slump:

1) Derek Jeter, SS

2) Curtis Granderson, CF

3) Alex Rodriguez, 3B

4) Robinson Cano, 2B

5) Mark Teixeira, 1B

6) Nick Swisher, DH

7) Raul Ibanez, LF

8) Russell Martin, C

9) Dewayne Wise, RF

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