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Brett Gardner Injury Update: Outfielder Again Trying To Come Back From Elbow Injury

On the basepaths New York Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner is rarely stopped, having stolen 49 bases a season. Trying to come back from an elbow injury that landed him on the disabled list less than two weeks into the season, Gardner has been stopped a number of times.

Each time he has begun to swing a bat recurring pain in the elbow has forced him to shut down. Now, the speedy outfielder is trying again.

The Yankees are hoping that Gardner will be back in their lineup in as little as 10 days. Maybe that will be the case, but this is Gardner’s second attempt at rehab, having had to shut down the first time.

The Yankees have missed Gardner’s speed on the basepaths and his outstanding defense in left field.

“I think he changes our lineup, the speed that he provides and his ability to create runs," Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. "He does give you a little bit different element than the rest of our team."