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Andy Pettitte To Make One More Minor League Start Before Major League Debut

New York Yankee pitcher Andy Pettitte spent Tuesday in courtroom in Washington D.C. testifying in Roger Clemens' perjury case, however, while the lefty was doing that the media members and Yankee personal were talking about his official return in pinstripes.

On Tuesday, before the Yankees Game 2 showdown with the Baltimore Orioles, manger Joe Giaradi said Pettitte is schedule to make one more minor league start, either Saturday or Sunday, and possible make his Yankee debut -- possibly next week against either the Tampa Bay Ray (May 8-10) or Seattle Mariners (10-12).

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On Monday, Pettitte tossed 96 pitches in an extended Spring Training game and said he's ready to make his return to the big club. The Yankees are anxiously awaiting the return of Pettitte, who needs to be the guy to make-up for the loss of Michael Pineda and the poor pitching of Phil Hughes and Freddie Garcia.

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