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New York Yankees Vs. Baltimore Orioles Preview: Game Time, TV Schedule And More

The Yankees are still seeking their first win and will look to grab it in Baltimore tonight against the undefeated Orioles.

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If someone told you that going into this game, one team was 3-0 and the other was still searching for its first win, you probably would have bet the house the New York Yankees would be the former.

You would be looking for a house.

New York was swept in its opening series at Tampa Bay, including C.C. Sabathia getting rocked and then the team being shutout by Jeremy Hellickson.

Conversely, the Baltimore Orioles opened up at home and took care of business against the Minnesota Twins, sweeping them out of town.

Jason Hammel almost threw a no-hitter yesterday, going seven innings before giving up a lead-off double in the eighth to Justin Morneau.

Now the Orioles welcome the Yankees into town for a three game set.

Ivan Nova will toe the rubber in search of the first win of the season. After winning 16 games last year as a rookie, Nova was a bit miffed he had to compete for a spot. Now he has the opportunity to stay there with some good pitching.

Nova will be pitted against Brian Matusz, a young up-and-comer for Baltimore. However, Matusz is coming off a brutal year which saw him start 12 games and have an ERA of 10.69.

It's a big game for New York if only because its fan base is already nearing full-blown panic mode.


Time: 7:05 p.m. ET

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