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Michael Pineda Injury Update: Brian Cashman 'Devastated' By Season-Ending Injury

Almost a month into the 2012 season, the New York Yankees are already facing a bit of scrutiny as general manager Brian Cashmen is taking heat for trading away catching prospect Jesus Montero for (now) injured pitcher Michael Pineda. The scrutiny, however, is fair, said Cashman on Friday.

"This is a massive decision gone wrong right now,'' Cashman told on Friday. "So all scrutiny is fair.''

Cashman did, however, say that its too early to judge the move on a long-term basis. And everything was done prior to the trade of Pineda to make sure the young, hard-throwing right-hander was healthy and would be a productive assets to the Yankees pitching staff.

"All I can do is lay out the facts; I can't control what people believe,'' Cashman said. "There are no secrets in Yankeeland, nor should there be. If something's there, it will eventually get out. I'm not going to compound the situation by lying about it.''

"Our fans are right to be upset about this,'' Cashman said. "I'm devastated by it. I just hope everyone understands that every move I make is to improve this club, not hurt it.''

New York begins a three-game set with the visiting Detroit Tigers on Friday, when the face ace Justin Verlander who will oppose sophomore Ivan Nova.

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