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New York Yankees To Wear Throwback Uniforms Friday Against Red Sox At Fenway Park

On Friday night, the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox will get together for the first time this season. The matchup always has sizzle, but this game will be different than any of the other previous contests between the two. Why? The Yankees will be wearing throwback uniforms.

In honoring Fenway Park 100-year anniversary, New York has agreed to join Boston in wearing commemorative retro uniforms that were the norm for both sides back in 1912.

The Yankees weren't even the Yanks back then, but actually the New York Highlanders. It wouldn't be until the next year that they changed the name of the team.

For a nice look at the old garb, click here.

This will mark the first time that anyone has seen the Bronx Bombers wear what can be considered an alternate jersey. The Red Sox have worn their throwbacks occasionally over the last several years so that's nothing insanely out of the ordinary.

It will definitely make for a cool atmosphere under the lights at old Fenway Park. in some ways, shouldn't they play the game in the afternoon and ask people to show up in business attire? Then you'd really have some authenticity to the whole turn back the clock notion.

Regardless, it's a fun and interesting twist to the series between these two old rivals.

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